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22nd Nov, 2001
ABC  executive in charge of alternative programming, Andrea Wong, responded to complaints that the Victoria's Secret fashion show was too racy for a network audience saying, "There has certainly been racier things on television than this." Read more.
21st Nov, 2001
ABC's "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" is under fire after hundreds of calls flooded the network following the show, which complainers said showed too much skin and looked too much like an infomercial for the lingerie store. Read more.
19th Nov, 2001
Fu Gina talked about Tyra Banks in her gossip column rehashing the restaurant swearing incident but adding that former Little Penny commercial pal Penny Hardaway is bashing Tyra saying not only that he rejected her come ons, but that she's so desperate that she's turned to '3rd rate basketball players like Chris Webber.' Check out her report here.
19th Nov, 2001
Tyra Banks helped close the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001 with Sharen Turney, President and CEO of Victoria's Secret Direct by ringing the closing bell. Check out pictures from the event here.
17th Nov, 2001
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show got about  12.3 million viewers to watch on Thursday, putting it far behind CBS's CSI, with 25.2 million viewers, but still better than ABC's regular Thursday lineup. Read more.
16th Nov, 2001
Tyra Banks admitted during the Victoria's Secret special Thursday, "Never do I get nervous. Even when I did my first fashion show. They told me to act like a cat, very cat-like. I started liking my hands like paws at the end of the runway and going -- and my mom and dad were like, Ty you really need to study this because that was really awful. But i was never nervous." And during the show, Tyra was spotted winking and blowing kisses to the crowd.
15th Nov, 2001
WireImage.com has photos of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday with stills of Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Daniela Pestova, and others. Check them out here. Don't forget to tune into the show tonight on ABC.
14th Nov, 2001
Tyra Banks was all over actor Rupert Everett backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York Tuesday night. For photos of the pair snogging, click here. Apparently this was all done in fun as Rupert is openly homosexual.
10th Nov, 2001
Tyra Banks will be on The View on Thursday, November 15. The other guest will be Jerry Stiller.
1st Nov, 2001
The Star reports Tyra Banks brought some friends to West Hollywood Indian restaurant Surya but ended up getting kicked out of the place after guests at the restaurant complained about her cursing loudly while she and her posse ran inside and out to keep up on a football game they were watching.

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