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Tyra Banks Online Site History

Here is the complete history of this web site.
NOTE: Due to the continual site updates, some of these links may no longer still exist.

(19/3/19) Adverts Removed
The site is now totally ad free. The adverts have no produced any revenue for a long time so we have decided to completely remove them.

(11/2/10) Site Moves Server
We have again moved the site onto a different web host. We have taken the opportunity to update a few things that are no longer active or relevant, but other than that you should expect the same high quality web site you always have got.

(23/1/07) Biography Updated
The biography page has been updated to include Tyra's official fan mail address, her e-mail address and a link to her official web site.

(22/1/07) SPAM Control Measures
We have modified both the guestbook and contact pages to try to reduce the level of SPAM. The guestbook was full of SPAM entries so we hope the new measures will reduce this. Unfortunately we have lost all the guestbook entries made in 2006 as a result of SPAM so if your entry has been lost then please so sign the guestbook again.

(4/3/05) Charity Auction For Tyra's Golden Globe Gown
We have been contacted by charity web site, Clothes Off Our Back, to inform us that the Elie Saab gown worn by Tyra Banks at the 61st Annual Golden Globes is up for auction here. The proceeds from this auction benefit the Children's Defense Fund, Smile Train, Cure Autism Now and UNICEF's tsunami relief fund so please get bidding. More information can be found at the Clothes Off Our Back web site.

(1/3/05) Sponsor Banners Re-arranged
We have modified the layout regarding our sponsor banners. We now have a Google-bar on the right and an Ad-Engage-bar along the top. We have tried to keep the sponsors as non-intrusive as possible but we need you to click on them as much as possible!

(14/2/05) Sister Site Launched
We have today launched a sister site to this, Halle Berry Online. This site is similiar in layout and design to this one, and is dedicated to beautiful actress, Halle Berry. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

(4/2/05) TV & Films Updated
We have renamed the Filmography page to TV & Films, as much of Tyra's work now seems to be more concentrated on TV rather than just films. We have also updated the information contained on this page so that it is right up-to-date.

(4/2/05) News Layout Modified
We have changed the layout of the News page slightly. We have also added a couple of new stories that may be of interest.

(2/2/05) 63 New Pictures Added
As promised below we have started to add some new pictures to the Pictures section. A total of 63 new pictures have just been added, most of which are in the Public Appearances category. The new pictures can be identified by the animated NEW logo above them.

(1/2/05) New Pictures Layout
We have completely re-designed the Pictures section of the site. The new layout places the pictures into multi-layered categories, so it should be easier to find the picture you are looking for. The new system is also easier for us to update with new pictures, which we will be adding very shortly.

(26/1/05) New Menu Layout
The main menu on the left hand side of the page now uses a pop-up style help system. As you hover over each item a small text box appears to describe it in more detail. This feature has only been tested on IE6 and unfortunately is unlikely to work in any other web browser.

(26/1/05) New Wallpaper Added
We have added a sixth desktop Wallpaper for you to download, available in the usual array of screen sizes.

(20/1/05) Complete Layout Change
We have re-designed the site completely so that it no longer uses frames. Although we like the frame design it does cause many problems and the full page layout is much more flexible. We have tried to keep the sites basic appearance looking very similiar so visitors will be familiar with the layout.

(14/1/05) New Membership Sections
Due to the massive popularity of this site we have decide to restrict some of the most popular area's to membership only. Membership is currently FREE and it is easy to sign-up by visiting this page.

(23/12/04) Donations Link
We have provided a way whereby visitors can securely Donate a small amount to support this web site. We would greatly appreciate any donation you can manage and it will help us to keep this site going strong. All donations are handled via PayPal (an eBay company) so your security is guaranteed.

(23/12/04) Online Shop Now Available
We thought it might be handy for visitors to be able to purchase various Tyra Banks merchandise directly from this site. Well that is now possible thanks to the new Online Shop page, which currently contains posters, photographs, DVD's and Videos of the great lady. Also any purchase you make via this site will earn us a small commission to help contribute to the running of the site.

(23/12/04) New Sponsor Frame
We have found a new online retailer selling posters and we think they look rather good so we have taken the opportunity to link to the various Tyra related posters that they sell. You can see this sponsor on the right hand side of the screen. Please do pay them a visit and bear in mind that any purchase you make via our links will earn us a small commission to help contribute to the running of the site.

(21/12/04) More New Video Clips Added
We have just added another 3 new video clips for download and these include some real stunners! In particular be sure to check out "Victoria's Secret Commercial" as it is truely awesome. All the new clips can be found on the Video Clips page.

(21/12/04) New Wallpaper Added
We have added a fifth desktop Wallpaper for you to download, available in the usual array of screen sizes.

(17/12/04) New Video Clip Available
We have just placed another video clip on the site available for download and this is one not to be missed! It features Tyra looking stunning in Victoria's Secrets' new Heavenly 70 Fantasy Bra. The new clip can be found on the Video Clips page.

(17/12/04) Videos Modified
In preparation for some new video clips coming soon, we have changed the video clips currently available so that they are no longer contained inside zip files. All files are now downloadable in movie format which makes playback of them quicker and easier.

(17/12/04) News Updated
We haven't updated the News page for a while but this has now been done and contains some very interesting stories about Tyra.

(17/12/04) Home Page Modified
To complete today's updates we have re-written some of the text on the Home page to ensure all the information is up to date.

(10/9/04) Layout Update
We have removed the permanent Ad frame on the right hand side and have replaced it with banners at the top of each of the pages. These Ad's are required to support this site and keep it free so please do click on them if you find them of interest (or even if you don't - all support helps!).

(3/3/04) News Updated At Last!
I know that some of you have been getting very concerned over the lack of updates but we have been very busy with other projects. We did find time today to update the News section though with some very interesting stories.

(3/3/04) Tyra Wallpapers Now Available
We have been meaning to do a Wallpaper section for some time and we have now finally managed it. We have four wallpapers for starters but hope to be adding more very soon.

(1/3/04) Biography Re-Written
The Biography page has been completed re-written and the design modified slightly. The old information was somewhat out-of-date and we weren't entirely happy with it. The new page is very concise but does cover Tyra's major achievements career wise.

(1/3/04) Links Page Updated
We have reviewed all links on the Links page. The links have been re-ordered, dead links removed, and some new links added. We have also categorised the links in a little more detail.

(1/3/04) Lots of Minor Modifications
We have made lots of minor changes across the site but nothing worth going into detail on.

(28/2/04) Filmography Updated
We have just finished updating the Filmography to bring the content up-to-date and slightly modify the design. All information was gathered from the Internet Movie Database. We have also updated the Buy Online links where applicable and you can also click on the films for more information.

(27/2/04) Shake Ya Body Music Video Now On This Site
We have received numerous requests to put the new Tyra Banks music video for Shake Ya Body online. Well we now have the full streaming music video on this site! We can't promise it will remain forever, but for now you can view the video by clicking here.

(27/2/04) Shake Ya Body Song Lyrics Online
To compliment the above video, we have also put the lyrics for Shake Ya Body online in the articles section. You can view them by clicking here.

(27/2/04) Menu Modified
We have made some minor modifications to the layout of the main menu, found on the left hand side of the page.

(27/2/04) Video Clips Modified
We have re-designed the Video Clips section so that it now comprises only 2 pages. The number of clips has remained the same so none have been removed. We felt that it was unecessary to split this section up in the manner we had been doing though. This also has been done in preperation for some excellent new clips we hope to be adding in the near future!

(27/2/04) New Sponsor Added
You may have noticed that some new sponsor ads have appeared on the site. Over the past year this site has grown to consistently get over 1000 visitors everyday. The downside of this is that it is expensive to host such a large free site. The new sponsor has been introduced to help pay for the hosting costs. We have gone for a low impact sponsor so as not to ruin the site, but please do visit them from time to time as you are helping this site by doing so.

(17/2/04) T-Zone Foundation Information Added
By far one of the most requested items we receive is regarding the Tyra Banks T-Zone camp. Therefore we have added this page to give you all the information we have.

(17/2/04) Tyra Banks News is Very Popular
We have received several e-mails expressing positive feedback with regards to the reintroduced News section. Maintaining the news is quite labour intensive but we are trying to do it as regularly as possible. Updates to the news will appear without notification here.

(17/2/04) Gallery Pictures Viewing Modified
All pictures inside the various galleries now load inside an HTML page. We feel this improves the presentation and also enables us to display sponsor messages to help us pay for serving this site.

(29/1/04) Tyra Banks News is Back!
Older visitors to the site may recall we used to offer stories about Tyra's appearances, etc. We withdrew this from the site as we didn't have any good sources and the stories were rarely updated. we have now re-introduced the News page with a host of new stories and hopefully a reliable new source. Please check out this page and if you have any interesting Tyra news please do let us know.

(27/1/04) 187 New Pictures Online
After a slow year or so with updates we are back with a bang! First up we have just put a massive 187 new pictures online. Each new picture has been placed in the appropriate gallery and can be identified by the animated NEW logo above the thumbnail. The number of new pictures in each gallery are as follows:-
Bikini: 31; Swimsuit: 3; Lingerie: 29; VS Models: 2; Dress & Skirt: 26; Pants: 6; Misc: 19; Face: 4; Magazine: 4; Black & White: 7; Artistic: 2; Video Captures: 40; Nearly Nude: 14;

(27/1/04) Gallery Navigation Improved
To visitors view the new images we have reversed the order the images appear in the galleries, making the newest images appear first and the oldest appear last. We have also placed links to all gallery pages at the top of each gallery, so you can now jump straight to the last page if you wish.

(27/1/04) Video Clips Compressed
To lessen the time it takes visitors to download the video clips, we have now placed most clips inside a Zip file. By doing this we were able to reduce most files by 10-20%. To extract the video files will require some Zip software though.

(27/1/04) Home Page Updated
This very page has been modified to include a sexy picture of Tyra at the top and a few layout modifications.

(27/1/04) Downloads Page Updated
We have re-designed the appearance of the Downloads page to make it more visitor friendly. The screensave has also been placed inside a Zip file to reduce filesize and lessen download time.

(27/1/04) Guestbook Page Updated
The layout of the Guestbook has also been modified. Not only that but you can now select any page in the guestbook to view directly, by using the new links at the top of the page.

(27/1/04) Horoscope Moved
To try to reduce the main menu size we have moved the Horoscope into the articles section. As the page is basically an article we think it fits into this category in any case.

(15/1/04) Some Design Changes
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I have just done some minor design changes. Hopefully if I get time you will see some much bigger updates later this year!

(4/12/03) Happy 30th Birthday Tyra!
Today is Tyra's 30th birthday so everyone connected with this site would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday. And don't worry girl, we still think you are the best looking 30 year old on the planet!

(14/8/03) Links page update
The links page has been updated with a couple of new links. Also the webmaster submission process has been tightened up and now uses a proper script to submit the data.

(31/7/03) Site moves server
The site has today moved onto a new web server. Although the move should be seemless and mean no changes to the visitors, you may see a few broken links or error pages over the next few days which we will endevour to rectify as soon as possible.

(8/7/03) Contact page updated
The site now uses a customised contact form if you wish to e-mail the webmaster. This enables visitors without e-mail facilities to still get in touch. To contact the webmaster using this new method, please click here.

(8/7/03) New feedback submission process
Although the feedback page still appears the same the backend behind it has been completely re-written so that it is now accessible to users without e-mail facilities. Click here to test it out.

(16/8/01) Filmography updated
The old, outdated filmography has been replaced with a comprehensive new one! This lists all of Tyra's film, television and video appearances to date. Not only that, you can now order many of the titles direct from this web site!

(15/8/01) More layout changes
I've been tinkering with the layout again to try to make it more user friendly and cosmetically appealing.

(24/7/01) Menu altered
To help visitors navigate the site we have tried to make the left-hand menu easier to read. The order has also changed slightly.

(5/3/01) New guestbook
We have written our own guestbook for the site which means the site fully hosts the guestbook. This has been done for these reasons:-

  • The guestbook will now be more reliable
  • We have full control over the layout and design of the guestbook
  • No sponsor adverts on the page

Please sign our new guestbook if you haven't already done so.

(4/3/01) Links updated
All of the links contained on the links page have been verified and many new links added.

(1/7/01) Major site redesign
As you may have observered, this site has undergone a major redesign. Here are some of the improvements made:-

  • New "clean" white look
  • Less graphics means faster load times
  • Improved navigation using collapsable menu's
  • Online menu help for all options

(1/7/01) Merchandise now available
You can now purchase a selection of Tyra Banks merchandise using the links on this web site. We currently have a selection of posters, DVD's, video's and books on offer. To check these out please use the links on the left-hand side menu.

(1/7/01) New interview available
We have a host of new content lined up for the site and that begins with this interview Tyra gave to Bonnie Siegler of drDrew.com. Click here to read.

(1/7/01) Site moves to new server
As part of the JP Productions network, this site has been moved to the commercial server owned by JP Productions. What does this mean for you lot? Well, here goes:-

  • More bandwidth means the site will download MUCH faster
  • No content restrictions imposed
  • No annoying ads frame along the top of the page
  • New, easy-to-remember, full-domain URL - http://www.tyrabanksonline.com

(4/12/99) Picture update online
The long awiated picture update is finally online. The update comprises 44 new images, some of which you won't find anywhere else - yet! Visit the Galleries section to view them and don't miss the new Swimsuit ones - they're stunning!

(4/12/99) Sponsor banners removed
All sponsor banners on this site, except for the Hollywood Files one below, have been removed. This is due to the fact that they never maid much many anyway so I have decided that this site will be my gift to the Internet community. Please note that this doesn't mean that the site is dead and it will still be updated when new material is available.

(4/12/99) News story
A new story concerning Tyra's new film, Love Stinks, has been posted on the News page.

(4/12/99) New front page
The front page has returned to more-or-less it's previous design. This should be easier for the surfer to navigate.

(25/10/99) New front page
The front page of the site has been redesigned to incorporate some new features.

(30/8/99) Interview updated
The interview added on 28/7/99 has been updated with some new parts added. Check out the Interviews section to see it.

(30/8/99) Forms working again
The problems regarding the forms on this site has now been fixed. This means that the Questionnaire and Add Your Site forms are now working. I appologise for those who filled in these forms while they were down, but the problem was out of my control.

(28/7/99) Site moves servers
As you are no doubt aware, the site has moved to a new server. The new URL that everyone should use to access this site is: http://tyrabanks.tsx.org If you already use the http://start.at/tyrabanks address then you are okay to continue, but everyone else should alter any bookmarks you may have to this new address please.

(28/7/99) New interview added
Another interview has now been added to the Interviews section. This concerns the recent German TV appearance by Tyra, as given in the News section some time ago. Many thanks to Dirk Winter & Stefan Wuchty who are responsible for writing this interview.

(19/7/99) Galleries offline
As my mailing list members are already aware, all of the galleries on this site currently unavailable. I am aware of this problem so please don't send me any emails about it. It is caused by the fact that the Xoom server that hosts all the Tyra galleries and my entire The Babe Files site is currently down. I don't know if they've removed me or not as they haven't replied to my emails. I'll keep you posted when I know some more news.

(18/7/99) Voting removed
The Bikini Death Match Contest mentioned below has now finished and unfortunately Tyra came third behind some Playboy model (I think) and a page 3 model. It's a great shame that someone as gorgeous as Tyra couldn't out do the more in-your-face models, but I guess thats the way it is. Thanks to all of you who voted for her - we tried our best.

(12/7/99) New news story
Some news concerning a television appearance Tyra should be making has been added to the News section.

(3/7/99) Vote for Tyra
Tyra is currently lying second in a Bikini Death Match Contest against four other models, so let's see if we can improve on that! Click here to be taken to the Voting Booth. You've only got until Wednesday so get voting!

(3/7/99) Links updated
I have updated some of the links found in the Links section. This has basically invoved removing a few sites that seem to have forgot my site and adding some that were linking to me and I hadn't linked back to them (Sorry!). I am currently in the process of contacting other sites in the hope that I can increase the number of visitors to this site by quite a bit.

(28/6/99) Picture update online
The picture update that has been promised for some time has finally happened. The update comprises 52 new images, some of which I guarantee you won't find anywhere else (yet)! Visit the Galleries section to view all the new pics.

(21/6/99) Biography updated
Tyra's Biography has been updated, to try to make it more up-to-date and I have also re-written much of what was there, eliminating the (numerous) errors. If you have any more info on Tyra then please send it to me.

(19/6/99) New article added
A new article about one of the films mentioned below has been added to the Articles section.

(19/6/99) More news stories
Two new news stories about Tyra's film career have been added to the News section.

(9/6/99) Thumbnail images changed
The thumbnail images in all of the Galleries have been replaced by smaller ones. These are 20% smaller but are still large enough to give a good preview of the picture. These smaller thumbnails have two main benefits. Firstly, they allow more to be displayed on one screen, which is convenient. Second, they are about 40% smaller in filesize so will also load much quicker. Check them out and let me know what you think.

(9/6/99) Use Internet Explorer to view page
This is more of a request than an update. I would ask all of you with access to Internet Explorer to use that to view the page. The page in designed on Internet Explorer and is guaranteed to look it's best. Although I do try to design for all browsers, particularly Netscape, many problems are often encountered. The page now makes extensive use of stylesheets, which unfortunately don't appear correctly on Netscape. Although I am trying to rectify this, please use Internet Explorer to view the page in the meantime.

(6/6/99) Two more video clips added
Two more RealPlayer video clips have been added in the Video Clips section. These are again courtesy of Victoria's Secret.

(6/6/99) One new clip, one removed
A new video clip has been added to the RealPlayer section in Video Clips. However, I regret to inform you that the V.S. Fashion Show footage has been removed. This is due to the fact that it was hosted on their server and it looks like they have removed it. I'm sorry about this but it is totally out of my control.

(5/6/99) Complete layout overhaul
The layout of this web site has been altered, with all the text replaced with a more 'professional looking' design. Many other alterations are also planned in the near future.

(5/6/99) New interview added
A fourth interview (where Tyra talks about her underwear!) has now been added to the Interviews section.

(29/5/99) New news stories
There are a couple of new News stories that have been sent to me by TBO. They have been put in the News section. (Suprisingly!)

(27/5/99) Plea to Tyra's management
I have wrote this message to the management of Tyra Banks. Basically I would very much like this to become the official home of Tyra Banks and if anyone visiting is in a position to make that happen then I would very much like to hear from them.

(27/5/99) Javascript buttons changed
The buttons mentioned below have been replaced with new ones where the font size is all the same. These were also provided by Casablanka.

(24/5/99) New Javascript buttons
The buttons in the frame on the left have been replaced by these fancy ones, created once again by Casablanka. Thanks dude.

(22/5/99) (Another) New background image
I've been doing more experimentation with the background images and this is what I've come up with. I think its a good cross between fancy artwork with the writing still readable. The 'multiple Tyra' background has been moved to the galleries sections, where there is little writing to read.

(16/5/99) New background image
The background image has been changed to the one you now see. Once again, this image has been created by Casablanka, so many thanks to him.

(13/5/99) Amended Javascript buttons
The buttons were loading too slowly so I've altered the Javascript to pre-load them. This should make them highlight quicker when you place the mouse over them.

(13/5/99) Altered spelling of 'Questionaire'
A friend of mine pointed out that the word 'questionaire' had been mis-spelt. This has now been corrected. Thanks Marie!

(12/5/99) Javascript buttons added
I have modified the new buttons to utilize some Javascript. This should make them 'highlight' when the mouse is over them. Most of this is still experimental at this stage so please bear with it.

(11/5/99) New buttons
You may have noticed the new collection of graphical buttons on the left. These have been designed by myself and shall be used until I create some better ones!

(9/5/99) New logo image
You may have noticed the new logo image which resides at the top of all these pages. This has kindly been created by Casablanka, and indeed he has ageed to do more artwork for this site. You should therefore see a fair few improvements in that area over the next few weeks!

(9/5/99) URL address confirmed
Everyone should now use the following URL to access this site: http://start.at/tyrabanks It is easier to remember and it will remain the same even if the site moves servers (which I am considering). Therefore I request that you alter any bookmarks you may have to this new address.

(6/5/99) New entry picture
When you first visit this site you are greeted with a much nicer 'click to enter' picture. This picture was provided coutesy of Casablanka and I'm very grateful for the time and effort he's put into creating this for me.

(29/4/99) New sponsors
Two new celebrity related sponsors (Hollywood Files & Celebritease) have been added to help support the site. Please make sure you visit these by clicking on one of the many banners that are around and help support this site in the process!

(18/4/99) New web site
I'd like you all to take a few minutes to check out my new web site The Babe Files. It is basically a directory of female celebrities and comes with a large selection of high quality pictures (as you'd expect).

(3/4/99) Horoscope added
A new section, entitled Horoscope has been added. This basically gives a profile of Tyra as seen in the stars! Whether you believe in this or not is up to you, but it is written by a so-called professional so it might be worth a look. Thanks again to Casablanka for sending this to me.

(28/3/99) 58 new pictures added
A new batch of pictures, including many exclusives has been added to the Galleries section. This will no doubt delight many of you, but please remember to click some sponsors on your way to the Galleries section.

(28/3/99) New article added
A new article from Cover Girl has been added to the Articles section, making a total of seven.

(28/3/99) Biography & Filmography split up
The Biography & Filmography have been split up into different sections.

(28/3/99) Site History section added
I have added a section detailing the older Site History (this page). This gives you access to when the updates took place, without cluttering up this page too much.

(28/3/99) Click2Net banners added
No sooner have the LogicLink banners appeared and they are replaced with Click2Net ones. They seem to offer a better and more efficient service. Who knows, I may run them both in the future.

(17/3/99) LogicLink banners added
I have replaced the Link Exchange banners with LogicLink ones. This is because I was having loads of problems with Link Exchange who kept refusing to advertise my site even though I removed everything they asked me to. I have also altered the position of some of the sponsors banners, hoping it will get a better response than currently.

(15/3/99) News story added
Another story concerning Tyra has been added to the News section.

(15/3/99) Added contact addresses
I have added some addresses where you may be able to contact Tyra, inside the Biography section.

(13/3/99) Sports Illustrated footage added
Footage from the photo shoots for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit '98 edition has been added in the all new SI Swimsuit 98 Video Clips section. There are seven clips in total, so if you want to see Tyra in some very hot swimsuits, make sure you check it out. These clips were brought to my attention by Patrick Christopher, so many thanks to him.

(8/3/99) Layout altered
Due to several complaints about the background image, I have finally got around to changing it. I'll be very interested to know what you think of this one, so make sure you let me know. Minor other changes to the layout have also been done.

(7/3/99) Links page revamped
The Links page has been redone to incorporate more than just other Tyra sites. It now also contains instructions on how to use my banner to link to this site.

(3/3/99) Removed some sponsor blocks
Due to several requests I have removed some of the blocks of sponsors that appear on various pages. If this affects the number of clicks then they may have to return, so I am looking for a good response!

(3/3/99) Vote for my site
My site is now listed as various places, and is ranked according to the number of votes it receives, so get Voting.

(28/2/99) RealPlayer footage added
Footage of the recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has been added in the all new RealPlayer Video Clips section, so make sure to check it out.

(28/2/99) Video clip added
A new video clip has been added to the AVI part of the Video Clips section. Many thanks to Storm Fan for sending me this clip.

(28/2/99) Video clips section altered
The Video Clips section has been altered so the layout now resembles that of the Galleries section. The clips are now categorised according to the format they are in. The Exclusive Video Clips have been moved into this section also.

(28/2/99) Filmography added
A filmography has been added to make the all new Biography & Filmography section (which replaces the old Biography section).

(28/2/99) New articles added
Two new article's have been added to the Articles section, making a total of six.

(27/2/99) New interview added
A third interview has been added in the Interviews section.

(27/2/99) Commercial webspace plans
I have been looking into the possibility of moving this onto commercial webspace with it's own domain name. This would mean the page would load faster, and I would have much more webspace (100MB!). I am hoping to fund the cost from my sponsor clicks, so you know what to do!

(27/2/99) Minor layout alterations
Subtle alterations to the layout, particularly of this intro page, has been done.

(27/2/99) Guestbook problems
I realize my guestbook has been offline recently, but I thinks its okay now. (This also means my questionaire didn't work either - sorry!) This is nothing to do with me as it is a service provided by 1-2-3 Webtools, so blame them!

(18/2/99) Screensaver virus confirmed
I previously mentioned that it was suspected that the screensaver in the Downloads section contained a virus. This has been confirmed and the file has now been 'cleaned'. Check out the Downloads section for more details, particularly if you downloaded this infected file.

(15/2/99) Tyra News page added
A brand new Tyra News page has been added. This page is only possible because of TBO, who kindly supplies the news stories for me.

(15/2/99) Warning
There has been a report that the screensaver file in the Downloads section contains a virus. See the Downloads section for more info.

(14/2/99) Interviews section totally revamped
As part of the ongoing update of various sections, the Interviews section has been changed and now takes the same format as the Articles section.

(14/2/99) Bonus item added
A new bonus item has been added. This one is a screen saver, so you can have Tyra popping up on your monitor even when your not there. Check it out in the Downloads section.

(13/2/99) Articles section totally revamped
A new (very large) article has been added, so I decided to totally revamp the Articles section. Each article is now on a page of it's own, making it easier to locate the one you wish to read. Many of the other sections will be updated over the next few days, so this is just the start!

(13/2/99) New URL address
You can now access this page even easier by using the new (easy to remember) address, which is: http://come.to/ultimate.tyra This will unfortunately cause a pop-up banner to appear, so you can either close or ignore it, or continue to use the current address if it bugs you that much.

(31/1/99) Exclusive video clips section added
A new section entitled Exclusive Video Clips has been added. This contains video footage that has been captured by myself, so you can be sure they will appear only here (unless someone nicks them). The section currently contains a sample clip of things to come, but check it out as you will be pleasantly surprised!

(31/1/99) 47 new pictures added
Yet more pictures! This brings the total number of pics on this site to a massive 562! The new pics have been placed in the appropriate gallery and can be recognised from the spinning New logo above them. To see which galleries they are in, simply look in the table on the gallery page. Thanks to Merlin Le Gris, Peter Vestergaard & an Italian fan for contributing some of the pictures in this update.

(28/1/99) Website problems
You may have noticed that the images for the site vanished the other day. Well this was because Fortune City decided to throw my page off their server! This is the second time they have thrown me off, so I've now switched to Tripod for storing the various thumbnail images, etc. I hope I don't have the same problems with them.

(24/1/99) Various banners added
Some more sponsor banners have been added to the site, and some have also been removed. I am trying to find sponsors with material related to this page, that also pay a decent amount, so keep your eyes peeled, and keep clicking on them!

(7/1/99) Extra banners added
You may notice some extra banners around on my site. These are there to help support this site to ensure it is able to be continually updated and remain free. I would like to ask you all to please click on any sponsor banner you may see on this site. You can view all the sponsors using the new option on the left-hand menu.

(7/1/99) Layout altered
I have altered the layout so that it looks much better when viewed on an 800x600 resolution. The optimum resolution is still 1024x768, but at least now you don't get any horrible horizontal scroll bars when viewing at 800x600.

(4/1/99) Video Clips links fixed
All the video clips links were broken but they are now all in fully working order.

(3/1/99) Happy New Year!
Firstly I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. What better way to celebrate this event than with a massive update to this page (well plenty of better ways actually, but you know...I gotta hype it!) I bet you thought the page had got a bit static, with no updates recently, well I can assure you this is BIG! Anyway it's all outlined below, so please give it quick read before you continue.

(3/1/99) Gallery section totally revamped
The major news is the revamp of the gallery section. Basically the old galleries have been gutted, all the pictures dumped and replaced with a complete batch of new improved ones! Much of this is due to my new friend Watersike who supplied me with many of these great pics. Visit the Galleries section for the complete story and also to check out the changes, I hope you like them (They took a lot of work!)
P.S. Subscribers to my Mailing List had been informed of these updates weeks ago, so why not join up? (It's free!)

(3/1/99) Link Exchange banners added
I have added Link Exchange banners to the bottom of all my pages, in the hope that it will bring quite a few new visitors to this site. I am pleased with the popularity of this site (about 500 visitors/day) but I'm always looking for more!

(3/1/99) Minor layout updates
Basically I have tweaked the colours and added some navigation features to various pages (such as Interviews) to improve the look and feel of the page.

(10/12/98) Tyra Banks Appearance News
I have been sent an e-mail about an appearance Tyra is making. It reads something like:
Tyra Banks will be at Macys Union Square in San Francisco on December 16 at noon to introduce the new Swatch Skin Diamonds limited edition watch. Only 300 exist in the U.S., with 24 diamonds. A numbered limited edition holiday card from Tyra will be given to the first 80 purchases - which Tyra will sign for you.
Many thanks to the person who sent me this info.

(3/12/98) 3 More Video Clips Added!!!
Yet more clips! Credit this time goes to StormFan so many thanks go out to him. These clips are basically various interviews Tyra has been in, so you might want to check them out. Because of the large number of clips now on the page, I have totally changed the layout to try to make it easier to locate the clip you want.

(19/11/98) 2 More Video Clips Added!!!
They're really flowing in at the minute. This time the sender was Jody Mason so many thanks go out to him. These are a couple of short MPEG clips, taken from a television chat show Tyra was on.

(19/11/98) Guestbook Deleted Again
Unfortunately my guestbook has again been deleted. I doubt there is any way it can be recovered, so can all those who signed it before 15/11/98 please resign it now. I intend to make weekly backups now so this should hopefully be the last time I have this problem. If anyone has a copy of any of my old guestbooks I would greatly appreciate if they could e-mail it to me.

(19/11/98) Webring Submission Page Updated
It is now even easier to join the Tyra Banks Webring.

(18/11/98) Second New Video Clip Added!!!
A second new video clip is now available. This was also sent to me by an Italian fan so thanks again. This clip is also very high quality, so make sure you check it out in the Video Clips section.

(15/11/98) New Video Clip Added!!!
A new video clip, which I haven't seen elsewhere, is now available. The clip was kindly sent to me by an Italian fan so many thanks go out to him. This clip is a real stunner, so make sure you check it out in the Video Clips section.

(14/11/98) 62 New Pictures Added
I have updated the galleries to include 62 new pictures. The new pictures have been placed in the relevant gallery, and are clearly marked. The number of new pictures in each gallery is listed in the gallery table under the 'New Pictures' column. The number of lingerie pictures has made a Lingerie Gallery (3) necessary, so make sure to check it out. Many thanks to Merlin Pardo who kindly sent me five pictures I didn't have in an e-mail. They are now included in the relevant galleries. Most of the update pictures came from the Tyra Banks Picture Archive, who I notice have also 'took' some of my scan pics.

(14/11/98) Questionaire Modified
I have modified my questionaire to try to make the feedback more useful to me. It hasn't changed much, but if those of you who have already answered one would like to answer it again then feel free.

(10/11/98) Video Captures Gallery Updated
I was unhappy with the layout of the Video Captures gallery so I have changed the thumbnail images. They are all now one third of the size of the original, making them clearer to see. This makes the format of this gallery slightly different to my others.

(8/11/98) Help Needed!
I have received numerous requests from visitors wanting to know where they can get hold of any Tyra merchandise (calendars, posters, etc.). If anyone knows of such places can they please e-mail me the details (phone number, address, etc.). I would like to know places around the world, and particularly in England if possible.

(8/11/98) Video Captures Gallery Added
This gallery comprises still images of various films and programs Tyra has appeared in.

(7/11/98) Page Now Sponsored
The more observant of you may have noticed that there is now a banner at the top of all my pages. This is my new sponsor, Latin Sensations. They are sponsoring me for a whole year so please take the time to have a quick look around their page.

(5/11/98) Layout Changed
I have changed the layout of the button bank. It is now located down the side of the screen. This gives me more room in the viewing area, so I believe it is much better. If you think the other layout was better, then let me know.

(5/11/98) Web Page Problems
Some of you may have noticed that I have been experiencing problems with my web page being offline. This is because my ISP claim that I am getting over 25 times more hits than the limit they impose. For this reason I have relocated many of the commonly used image files and my gallery thumbnail images on a different server, so they may take more time to download. I am hoping this will be enough to cure the problem, but there is a possibility I may be taken offline totally so I will keep you all informed. If you would like to e-mail me your support then feel free.

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