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Tyra Banks Article

Tyra Banks: Horoscope

Below is a personality profile of Tyra, prepared by professional astrologers.

What she likes to do,
and how she likes to live...

With these astrological influences her greatest joy is to be able to move fast and free as she aims for her highest goal of a maximum amount of fun and personal achievment in the shortest time. Fun loving, she embraces life enthusiastically, and she is not happy when bored or frustrated in an unfulfilling situation. She likes to have the freedom to pursue her dreams in whatever way she wants, and prefers to have an easygoing, positive view of things, feeling that life is meant to be enjoyed. She presumes that good things will come her way, and is thus emotionally generous and kindhearted to others, wanting to spread her abundant good fortune around. Sometimes her desire to see the good can cause her to be blind to negative things, and she can be naive about others and unrealistically hopeful about her own plans. She is thoughtfull, wanting to learn how the world and society works, and she can be a permanent student. She then likes to tell everyone about what she has discovered, feeling she is educating them in a positive way, sometimes tending to lecture them at length. With her positive attitude she is honest and open, feeling that the truth about herself and the world in general is good, and therefore should be known by everyone. Rarely petty or mean spirited, she feels being unpleasant to people is pointless and merely wastes time when everyone could be out having fun, and she has little time for miserable people who do play underhanded and sneaky mind games. Her biggest dislike is any restriction on her freedom or ambitions, and she will leave any situation that has too many restrictive and foolish rules, or does not allow for the achievements and fun in life that she so desires.

The manner in which she actually does things, and what she's really good at...

She conducts her life in an honest and assertive manner, and is very direct about what she wants. She likes to do what she wants as soon as she wants it, and say what she thinks as soon as she thinks it, and she is not one for doing things in a sneaky, underhanded way. She is open and straightforward, and does not like to waste time being too subtle or indirect about things. Strong minded and impatient, she is always wanting to achieve some ambition of hers, and there is nothing weak or half hearted about her. Her greatest quality is her strength and bravery, and she knows how to defend herself or others. She is willing and able to take on a difficult challenge and fight any fight she has to,but she does not seek out difficulties and disagreements for the fun of it. She can also command others if she has to, but she has no egotistical desire to be the boss. Her worst fault is her fiery anger when frustrated or confined, and she also has a tendency to impatiently jump into things without thinking in her strong minded rush to achieve something.

What she likes to do, and the manner in which she actually does it, analysed together...

Tyra certainly is full of energy! With some goal of discovery constantly in mind, she forges ahead bravely, sometimes recklessly, to achieve her aims. Full of enthusiasm, she has a contagious love of life, and she lets the whole world know of her latest adventures. For she is very outgoing and open, and she can be honest to a fault. What's on her mind is soon on her lips, and there is little she feels inclined to keep secret. But what she has to say is not only true but also designed to be of good to the world, for she is very well meaning and warm hearted. She likes to help others, and she will go to trouble to make wherever she is a better place. This isn't difficult, for her sunny disposition and generous nature is a pleasure for others to be around. She is also thoughtfull, and she likes to learn a lot, and then think philosophically about what she knows. Very ambitious, she will use what she already knows to achieve her goals, which usually relate to some sort of intellectual improvement of herself or others, as she always likes to know more about things. She will then play the teacher, and can tend to lecture people with her knowledge. Her aims are high, but since she is very brave and optimistic she rarely thinks about how difficult something might be. Sometimes this tendency can become excessive, and she tends to jump into things recklessly, uncaring about the consequences. Very impatient, she feels careful forethought is too boring, and she likes to commence any activities as quickly as possible. She also likes to cease boring activities quickly, and she often leaves tasks half finished. Discipline is not her strong point, as she is more interested in discovery and adventure than hard work. She needs complete freedom to say what she wants and do what she wants, and she will run a mile from any restrictions on her behaviour.

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