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29th Mar, 2000
More feedback on Tyra's Oscar dress as The New York Post's Richard Johnson said people at the Oscars were complaining about Tyra's interview style and worried about stepping on her dress as she was interviewing people. People at the Oscars seemed to think Tyra was overeager and jubilant.
26th Mar, 2000
Tyra Banks did the Oscar warm up show and interviewed Angelina Jolie as well as Salma Hayek, though Mr. Blackwell didn't think much of her outfit, and to be honest neither did we. Quoting the legend "A lavender tulle and satin strapless gown that must have been borrowed from the Gone with the Wind archives. And this one should've been gone, too. Sorry, Tyra. Better luck next time." We've also included a dressed down Tyra look for the rehearsals of the event.
26th Mar, 2000
A nice close up of Tyra up for auction at eBay. The autographed 8x10 has not received a bid at $15 and closes April 3.
21st Mar, 2000
eYada.com's Rush and Malloy had fashion guru Mr. Blackwell on and he commented on Tyra by calling her "invisible" in the fashion sense.
14th Mar, 2000
Anybody notice Tyra Banks in some of the new WNBA commercials with Teresa Witherspoon? She doesn't have the smoothest looking jumper but I'm sure she'd draw big crowds if she were to join Teresa on the court. Hey, we are talking about basketball here!
14th Mar, 2000
Wonderful World of Disney original Life-Size got 13.5 million viewers this weekend, not bad for the aspiring actress eh?
7th Mar, 2000
Tyra not only was in the movie Life Size this weekend, but also made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Thursday. Unfortunately I was unable to catch either event, but reviews of the performance were mixed, as Variety reports "Tyra Banks definitely has what it takes to play a living doll, but the lesson she teaches our poor isolated girl is certainly questionable. Under her influence, Casey learns to pay more attention to her girlie side, and opts to hang out with the airheads at the mall. Not exactly the kind of message parents may want their daughters to take to heart." But at least they do say there are charming moments in the film.

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