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29th Apr, 2001
Tyra Banks is featured here in an autographed photo auction on ebay. The 8x10 photo, item #1427167311, is unbid at $35 and the auction ends April 30th.
14th Apr, 2001
E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Tyra Banks was spotted looking for her suitcase at the LAX baggage carousel after a flight from New York. Tyra's hair was in a bun and she was wearing, "a distinctly nonfashionista ensemble of jeans, funky pastel sneaks and colored shades."
12th Apr, 2001
Tyra Banks was on hand at the Blockbuster awards Monday night where she introduced a performance by Leann Rimes.
8th Apr, 2001
An incredible life size mannequin of Tyra Banks is being auctioned on ebay. Currently bid at $224.50 and the auction ends April 10. Check out the nude mannequin here.
5th Apr, 2001
The Star reports that while working with Oprah as a co-host lately, Tyra Banks has been lured into munching on the same foods that Winfrey has and she's complained to friends after gaining about 10 pounds that working the show is ruining her diet. The tabloid also reported that Tyra was grabbed in the ass by recently outed pervert Arnold Schwarzenegger, who told Tyra at a Planet Hollywood Oscar party, "If they gave an Academy Award for Best Butt, you'd win."

News stories taken from a variety of sources including Abstracts.net and Tyra Fans.com.

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