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Tyra Banks Interview
with Thomas Gottschalk

Tyra on Wetten dass...

Below are two persons accounts of what happened when Tyra appeared on a show called "Wetten dass..?" on German television. The first account details what actually happened on the show, and is more of an article than an interview. The second account is an interview, and covers a chat that Tyra had with the host of the show.

This account was written and sent to me by Stefan Wuchty

As you stated already Tyra Banks appeared at the ZDF Show "Wetten, dass..." taking place at the bullring at Palma de Mallorca in Spain. (Mallorca is the most popular summer holliday island of the Germans). The show can be seen in central europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The idea of the show is that some candidates bet, they can do some spectacular actions. The guests at the show have to bet, they can do it or not. If they loose, they have something to do as a kind of bet owe. Tyra's bet was that one guy from Germany is able to open up as many coconuts with his hands as are necessary to get one liter of coconutmilk at least. It was really close but he failed. At that time of the year Mallorca is overcrowded with tourists. So she had to make a kind of "My most beautiful holidayphoto", meaning that one guy of the audience (a typical tourist) was chosen to make a photograph with Tyra. When he was asked, if he liked her, he answered charmingly, "ell, she is pretty, but my wife is more pretty". But Tyra acted humorously. It seemed to be that she liked that kind of joke, when she stated wanting also a picture of them.

Due to the response of the audience the Germans liked her appearence acting spontaneously and naturally (as far as I can judge that, I am Austrian). It was obvious that she does rather fill the role of the nice girl next door everybody likes in every respect than the role of a blase glamorous supermodel.

This account was written and sent to me by Dirk Winter

[ Picture ]

Blond curls, endless legs and two enormous...nostrils: Thomas Gottschalk is the sharpest blond on German television channel ZDF. At the 17th of July 1999 he presented "Wetten dass...?" live from the Spanish island Majorca, which was seen by 100% of the Germans: as usual 50% were sitting in front of their TV sets, the other 50% were sitting on the island Majorca (as usual).

"Wetten dass..?" is a show where some unknown people bet that they can perform something (almost) incredible. Some celebrities are invited, and they have to consider if the competitors can make it. If they are wrong they have to do something they don't like or something funny.

After Tyra had entered, the applause had subsided and Tyra had been welcomed by Thomas Gottschalk and the other celebrities, the interview started. Still some noises from the audience could be heard...

Immediately some men are getting noisy... Tyra, everybody here are visitors from Germany. Have you ever been to Germany? Once we had invited you together with Heidi Klum.

Oh yes! I've been to Germany many times. I've been to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, ah well, Hamburg ... I said Hamburg?

Once we waited for you, then your colleague Heidi Klum came, but...

Oh my gosh! Yes, that time I was sooo sick. And I was like I wanna do the show, I wanna do the show, it's an important show, but I was like ... my nose was sick, my mouth, my ears, I was so sick and I couldn't make it. [Big sounds of regret from TG and the audience] And this time, this time I almost missed my flight. My people in my office gave me the wrong airport, I went to the wrong airport.

At the last moment... I specially wear this white coat in case your nose is running again. Just imagine I was your family doctor, Tyra. Tyra. Sounded a bit like Tyra was standing in front of me, and I could just mutter "Tyra, Tyra" [Tyra laughing a bit] When those ladies can't come I always think it is because of their malnutrition. But I couldn't scold you. I am reading here, if that's correct, that you like to eat spare ribs, grilled chicken, ice-cream. Is that allowed?

Oh my gosh! Just in the back stage I had a big piece of ham, a big, fat piece of ham, that's all I had.

Thank God! So you don't think much of that diet mania?

Oh no, I'd eat whatever I want, I just work out. But there are so many models, you know, they're so skinny, you know like... [Pulls her cheeks in to look skinny in the face] No, look at me, I have curves.

The other models look like spare ribs, you eat them. That's the difference.

That's it!

I must always draw a kind of comparison between men. You've seen Ricky Martin yet. Are you also in a Ricky Martin fever at the present time?

Of course I am a Ricky Martin fan. I knew Ricky Martin before he was famous. So I'm happy to say that. I knew him before. I met him at the World Music Awards actually. I'm really proud of him. And he liked - no matter where he performs, he's always giving it all [She starts gesticulating very much] and always smiling and bam ...(?) and all that, and shoots in the head... He is amazing.

[Imitating her] Sometimes I also do such gestures, but it doesn't work at all. What does this man have that I don't have?

You have to do the hip to.

Ah, I can coordinate that very badly. When I'm thinking of my hips....it doesn't have any sense.

[Then there was the link to the bet]

You are a modern girl. You probably live like many others of your generation with tins which have to be opened. Have you ever opened a coconut in your life?

I have never opened a coconut in my life.

Then the bet was presented: One guy bet that he could open as many coconuts with his bare hands that he could get one litre of milk out of them, and all this within three minutes. Tyra was sure that he would make it, but in the end he only got a little bit more than 0.9 litres, it was very close.

But Tyra had lost, and so she had to pose for a holiday snap with a man who looked like a typical German on a holiday: short trousers, a cap, sandals and nylon socks. She made it very well.

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