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30th Sep, 2002
Tyra Banks will be a guest on the Wayne Brady Show on Friday (Oct 4). Check your local listings for station and time.
22nd Sep, 2002
The New York Post reports Tyra Banks revealed that her nickname is "BBQ" because she loves barbecue so much, "she would drink the sauce," while accepting an award at Redbook's Movers & Shakers ceremony.
21st Sep, 2002
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Tyra Banks and singer Usher were spotted separately at Garrison's Broiler & Tap restaurant at Perimeter Mall. Banks supped on a house salad and a piece of Key lime pie.
20th Sep, 2002
Globe magazine reports Tyra Banks was craving pizza, but didn't want to go out and be harassed by autograph seekers. Tyra's pal suggested she wear a fake beard, hat, and sunglasses. Banks said "I bet you someone will still recognize me. Believe me, they always do." The pair went to Wolfgang Puck's on Sunset, when a woman recognized her despite the get-up. Tyra congratulated her for being the only fan to spot her all night and offered her a warm slice.
17th Sep, 2002
Big Pictures has photos of Tyra Banks at the press conference for her "T-Zone Summer Camp Program" in the Weston Diplomat Hotel. Tyra created this summer camp program to help teenage girls build their self-esteem. Hollywood, Florida on September 7. Check them out here.
7th Sep, 2002
Despite reports of an engagement, Tyra Banks and Chris Webber tell ET they have no plans to get married.
5th Sep, 2002
Entertainment Tonight reports Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks are getting ready for this year's Victoria's Secret special on CBS. Aside from a catwalk filled with lingerie-clad beauties in the line's "Sexy" and "Angels" collections, they will introduce a new line of cosmetics. Gisele says she favors the lipstick with a fishnet design. There's also blush embossed with a corset. The "Very Sexy Cosmetic Collection" will be in stores on October 28, the fashion show airs November 20.

News stories taken from a variety of sources including Abstracts.net and Tyra Fans.com.

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