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Tyra Banks Article

The $3 Million Bra!

The photographers and video crews started gathering at 8:00 A.M. at the Victoria's Secret on New York's Fifth Ave. Although the temperature was below freezing, the press wanted to get the best spot to see the official "unveiling" of the Victoria's Secret Three Million Dollar Bra created by Harry Winston. Rumor had it that Tyra was going to arrive by armored car with armed guards in tow at 9:00 A.M. With that in mind, the press was able to think warm thoughts of Tyra in a spectacular bodice encrusted with diamonds.

At exactly 9:00 A.M. the heavy duty armored car came to a halt in front of the now; more than 60 members of the press from affiliations around the world jockeying for position to capture the best footage of Tyra's arrival.

Three very large men, obviously guards; jumped out of the armored car and took positions near the back of the car, careful not to let the precious cargo be exposed too soon. Then to everyone's delight; Tyra came out wearing an all black outfit. Looking as good as ever, she posed for the media, then to the surprise of all, she began to disrobe.

You could see the tension in the faces of the security guards, as she exposed the white heavily encrusted diamond bra, right on Fifth Ave.!! There it was, in living color, on one of the hottest models in the world; the most expensive bra ever made. This spectacular bra is adorned with 100 pear shaped diamonds weighing a total of 93 carats. Trimming the bustier are 99 diamonds ranging in color from D-F (colorless) with a clarity grading of VS1 (very slightly included). Dangling from the décolletage is a 42 carat gem D color pear shaped diamond.

As Tyra made her way into the Victoria's Secret Store she posed for the photographers, allowing the media to get great coverage of the bra. Once inside the store the press was let in for another unveiling and a brief question and answer session with Tyra. The most memorable question asked was whether or not she would get to keep the bra, to which Tyra replied "I wish".

In all, the press was very impressed with the Three Million Dollar Bra. The craftsmanship seemed unparalleled, plus with Tyra wearing it; we definitely know that added to the value.

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