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27th Sep, 2004
According to Tyra Banks, this time around on 'America's Next Top Model', the business of being beautiful will be uglier than ever. "We had no idea the [personalities] were gonna be this strong and that there was gonna be this much conflict," she tells TV Guide Online. "We sit in the editing room and go, 'Which fight should we show?'" Read more.
27th Sep, 2004
In Touch magazine reports that despite rumors of a split, Tyra Banks and Chris Webber are close to marrying. "Yes, it's true they are engaged and they are looking right away for a new home together," an insider revealed. "They may end up in Miami. They would love to have a big house on the water."
23rd Sep, 2004 - America's Next Top Model on DVD
TVShowsOnDVD.com: "Paramount Home Entertainment has revealed that they are distributing the UPN series America's Next Top Model on DVD. The show is Hosted and Executive Produced by supermodel Tyra Banks, well-known for the Victoria's Secret catalogs, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, and what I thought was a terrific role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (she played Will's long-lost girlfriend who had become his boss when Will and Carlton went to college).Top Model's first season, or "Cycle 1" as they call it, is currently penciled onto Paramount's schedule for December 7, and should include these episodes that make up the 2003 run of the show:
The Girl's first episode
The Girl is Here to Win, not make Friends
The Girl gets rushed to the emergency room
The Girl drives everyone crazy
The Girl everyone thinks is killing herself
The Girl deals with a pervert
The Girls who get really naked
The Girl Becomes America's Next Top Model"
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20th Sep, 2004
Victoria's Secret makeup artist Charlie Green and supermodel Tyra Banks gave a sneak peek of fall makeup looks on September 10th at Victoria's Secret 34th Street Flagship Store in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.
20th Sep, 2004
The New York Post reports Tyra Banks has just signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Telepictures to host her own daytime talk show, to be exec-produced by Benny Medina. Insiders say Banks is looking to cut into Winfrey's mostly female audience with lifestyle and pro-family segments. Ironically, Banks appeared on Winfrey's show Monday, but she kept mum about her plans. Banks hopes to branch out with clothing, a magazine and other branding ventures.
20th Sep, 2004
Us Weekly hears that Tyra Banks has split up with Chris Webber after almost three years, but remain friends.
13th Sep, 2004
The Chicago Sun-Times reports Tyra Banks and rapper Jay-Z were spotted separately at Gibsons on Wednesday. The mega-model had a hearty appetite: steak, salad with three dressings and strawberries with cream.
6th Sep, 2004
Tyra Banks was photographed shopping in Beverly Hills the other day. Check out pictures from Clasos.
6th Sep, 2004
Tyra Banks and Chris Webber have been spending the entire summer together in New York City after the Kings were eliminated from the NBA playoffs in late May. "Having all that time to hand together has made them realize it's time to settle down and exchange vows," a source said. "they're talking wedding dates right now." Another friend added, "It wouldn't surprise me if they're married in the next couple of months."

News stories taken from a variety of sources including Abstracts.net and Tyra Fans.com.

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